Chapter 1. Bomb Run Israel



After that fateful day in March, America woke up stunned, Russia had taken out Washington D.C. and New York City.  The Zionist cabal that covertly used nukes in the Ukraine war had been decapitated.  Two weeks later, on the 29th of March, the newly sworn in President Keck order the attack on Israel from his headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base.

It was about time, finally some sane USAF patriots took control of the insane situation that afflicted America after 911.  With the ‘District of Criminals’ and the Pentagon gone, the nation’s capital was moved to the center of the continent.

Tel Aviv had escaped Russia’s wrath, although her airbases had been flattened by Russian MIRV’s.  The command staff wanted those awful Rothschild sinister sites taken down because they knew what lie underneath.  The criminal Jewish cabal needed to be taught a humiliating lesson at this moment in history that would be remembered for all time.

The American military had bombers stationed at Diego Garcia, the Pentagon had been busy preparing a sneak attack on Iran and Russia.  Russia had beat the Neocons to the punch, they had watched in horror as the American military had tore up the Middle East, they weren’t going to sit by and just take it, they made their move first after the Ukraine civil war flared up again.

In nuclear war, he who shoots first wins, Russia made the first move.  Russia had won, she completely took out the Zionist threat, London was gone, New York gone.  Now with the finance centers of Jewish domination gone, it was time for some payback, America needed to payback Israel for 911.  America needed to save face, she was an old whore, nearly raped to death by Israeli predator nation.

There were many crew members aware of the situation and they were anxious to volunteer for this mission.  The command staff quickly drew up some plans to get some B-52’s over Israel.  They faxed over to the crews stationed at Diego Garcia, the navigators got their charts prepared, the radar navigators determined the best offsets for the triangulation math for the target, the sinister site of the Israel Supreme Court.

ground zero ISRAEL-SUPREME-COURT-america nukes israel

The mission was nuclear, B61 Mod 11 thermonuclear penetrating bombs were going to be dropped directly on the Rothschild’s pyramid, a sinister occult symbol built into the Israeli Supreme Court building.  The blast would instantly vaporize the court building and the parliament next door, and dig out the secret command and control center underneath.  The Khazar Jew threat would be finally taken out, ending Rothschild dream of world conquest.

After what Israel had done to the former United States, patriot airmen were anxious for some old time payback.  The command staff wanted Israel’s underground bunkers taken out and no more trouble from the Khazar Jew crazies who had attempted to get the USA and the USSR to annihilate each other.  The ploy didn’t work, the world was interconnected and knew the game, Zionism had been exposed.  The propaganda campaign by the Jewish owned media had failed to convince the American people to attack Russia.

Captain Pickens and his crew were selected as the lead bomb crew.  They immediately began preflight duties after maintenance personnel loaded the 1200 pound upgraded B61s. He asked the Radar Navigator what the bomb preset settings were.  The radar replies, “B.”

“How big is B?” the pilot asks again.  “1.5 kt”.

“What’s the highest setting, we ain’t here to drop firecrackers are we?”  “F.”

“What happens to us if we change it?”  “Nothing, we’ll be long gone.”

“Can we change it?”   “Yep!”

“No one will know, right?”  “Yes sir” the radar affirmed the order…chuckles.

“We wouldn’t want to deprive God’s chosen ones of anything would we?” Captain Pickens muttered softly.

israel aint our friend

Pickens ducks under the bomb bay and spots black magic marker graffiti.  ‘From America with love, thanks for 911 Israel’.  He laughed again, the crew was gung ho and that was good.  His men had a positive mental attitude, it was time to make some history.

As the B-52’s taxied out, the pilots watched the KC 10’s launch, next it was their turn.  The pushed all eight throttles forward and the BUFF lumbered forward, Captain Pickens always held his breath during the takeoff.  Would this old thing actually get off the ground?  Boeing’s fortress was old reliable and the giant bomber lifted off like it did every time.  The fuselage groaned as he wing tips lifted up, burdening from the heavy fuel load.  As the aircraft lifted off he breathed in relief and retracted the gear.

As a former Christian, he had been duped by the Jews like everyone else.  All that religion he was taught as a child was just bad myth, psychological conditioning that bonded him to the enemy, myth that caused the destruction of his homeland.  The situation was surreal, how did this happen to our people he wondered?

The America he knew was gone, it had been transformed into a police state by the Neocon Jewish cabal after 911, now it had been nuked.  He handed over the remaining of the climbout to the co-pilot and muttered, thanks for destroying our nation Jew, we don’t need friends like you anymore.