Chapter 6 Gaza



The crew had dropped their second bomb and they still had two left, both high altitude ones, both without parachute.  They now had to choose targets that they could drop on from on high.  That’s not easy to do when you are in the middle of Israel surrounded by Jewish supremacists who are mad as a nest of hornets you just knocked out of the tree with a broomstick.  Our crew had just destroyed the holiest city of the Jews and they were flying right over the middle of the former nation of Israel, it was still Jewlandia down there, but our fly boys were safe on high.


They were well away from ground zero when the shock wave caught up with them, the craft suddered, the engines gauges fluctuated slightly.  Every thing looked good so the pilot immediately pulled the nose up with one G force and the VVI whizzed as airspeed was traded for altitude.  In just a few seconds they gained 8,000 feet of elevation in a 300,000 pounds of aluminum and fuel, as he pushed the nose back over the crew floated momentarily in their seats.

There was no reason to keep burning fuel low level, the big boom cleared the skies of threats.  “That was fun”, said the pilot over the com, referring to the pull up maneuver.  The crew laughed, thinking he was talking about the bomb run, he always loved trading speed for altitude, especially in the big heavy BUFF.  The tension eases and they crew continued their checklist duties, the crew had survived their second bomb run.

They continued climbing to cruising altitude at 220 KIAS, turn slightly right and headed straight for the Gaza strip.  They leveled off at 20,000 feet and decided to enjoyed the sights, the copilot opened the reflective curtains that protected the crew from the blinding nuke flash.  A lower scattered cloud deck obscured much of the country side.  Behind them was a mushroom cloud, hell for those down there but our boys were like angels, aloof to that reality, they were in their another realm.

They now had 80,000 pounds of fuel, they started calling for tankers, why be concerned about radio silence when you just lit off a big nuke?  They needed lots of fuel, the B-52 had eight engines that burned an average of 20,000 pounds and hour.  The copilot was busy leveling the fuel tanks to keep the craft CG aligned, the pilot was studying the coast of Palestine known as the Gaza strip.

Gaza was coming into view, Captain Pickens could see the blue ocean on the horizon.  The pilots were shocked by what they saw, the were flying relatively low, only at 20,000 feet and they could see clearly the massive devastation in the Gaza strip.  How come they didn’t know about this, they wondered?  Whole sections of Gaza were completely leveled as if they were looking at Germany after WW2.  What the hell?

gaza destruction

How could of anyone got out of there in the latest bombing campaign when whole blocks were leveled, Captain Pickens immediately knew that many more Palestinians had been killed than the official accounts.  He thought it couldn’t possibly be 5,000, it was more like 50,000.  The Copilot was also looking down at the strips of destruction and says “Look at this fucking shithole,” matching Pickens very thoughts.

As the B-52 headed southwest along the Gaza strip, Pickens had seen enough, fuck these Jewish pricks he thought, they controlled the media so not only were they killing tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, they were also getting away with this murderous genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing because the Zionist Jewish extremists controlled the entire US media. He eased the throttles forward and pulled the nose up slightly and started climbing to a higher cruise altitude.  “I’ve seen enough how about you Co?”

The copilot was continuing his calls for fuel, but no one was answering which was very strange because they were in radio range of a dozen nations, but it post nuclear war and the radio was silent.  “Do you know what’s dead ahead, co?” asked the pilot.

“Yeah, sure, Egypt.  Pyramids, Giza and lots of desert.”  Just then a bright white streak of an inbound missile lit up the sky and clouds below, a perfect straight line, a white streak like on a chalkboard, it was the unmistakeable signature of a ballistic missile.

The pilots stared at the horizon, they were over a hundred miles away, then all of a sudden a bright flash, they had both lowered their Star Wars visors to shield their eyes from the nuclear detonation.  They watched the mushroom cloud roiled up toward the heavens, what they were looking at was Cairo being struck by a ballistic missile from who knows who.

The pilot was mesmerized by the beauty of the huge fiery ball, it was a ground strike, the stem cloud was brown, after the bright light diminished he popped up his visor to make sure of the color.  Pickens then calmly announces over the mic, “Scratch ditching into the Cairo airport … crew there is a change in plans, Cairo was just nuked!” and makes a 90 degree right turn and heads north bound out into the Mediterranean Sea.

“Fuck” he said, “Fuck, no wonder no one is talkin’, we are still in the middle of the fight.”   “Hey Nav, exactly where are we?”

The Nav quickly replied “About 5 miles north of the Sinai Peninsula.”

“Well I’m going to get clear of the coast and head back toward the West bank and use our nuke as cover.”  The crew had dropped their second B61 only 30 minutes prior and now that blast had created a huge mushroom cloud that they could duck under for cover.

As the continued north, bomber was now traversing the very spot 50 years earlier where Israel tried to sink a US Navy ship in a false flag operation meant to draw America into the Israeli Six Day War.   The pilot remembered the USS Liberty incident on 8 June 1967.  It pissed him off, especially after just witnessing the Gaza destruction.

uss liberty false flag israel

Pickens knew the 911 was made possible by the USS Liberty incident.  Because America did not protest this historic event the Israelis had been emboldened to pull 911.  He knew damn well that America had been owned by the Rothschild Jewish bankers and Israel used it to her advantage.  Russia rescued America from her pathetic self when they destroyed the Rothschild banking dynasty two weeks earlier.

As the copilot kept calling for fuel he spotted a brown F-14 rejoining them from below their right wing, it wasn’t hostile, and it wasn’t ours.  “You see that pilot?”  The copilot was jabbing the pilot with his clipboard while keeping his eyes glued on the fighter.

“Yeah I see it and he trying to talk to us –  turn the VHS radio to 121.5!”

In perfect English the could hear a pleasant sounding Iranian pilot asking them what they were doing.  The pilot keyed the radio and says they were sight seeing and needed some fuel.  The Iranian pilot asks if they can make it to Iran, pilot affirms and says “We’ll be there in two hours.”

iranian f-14 bomb run israel

As the F-14 starts waving off to the right the pilot asks “Whats your name anyways, where are you stationed?”

“Amir and I’ll see you at Tehran International, ok?”

“Ok, Amir lets have a drink together tonight.” Perkins responds, “Over and out.”

Iran was now our ally but it was unnerving to see an Iranian F-14 over the Mediterranean.  The copilot keeps watching the fighter and sees that it takes up station about 2000 feet off their right wing.  “Pilot, it looks like we got a tag along.”   “He’s shadowing us.”

What were the chances that when they were directly over the USS Liberty coordinates they would meet up with and Iranian fighter jet?  Things were sure getting strange on this mission, a little too much coincidence for ever suspicious Captain Pickens.  There was a lot more going on that meets the eye, it was like his whole life had led up to this moment.

Just as the pilot finished that thought, the Radar chimes in, “Pilot!  We got a Emergency War Order coming in!”  The crew goes dead silent as the emergency war order is faxed.

“Ok … read it to me.”

“They want us to strike an ISIS position at coordinates 32.0000° N, 35.0000° ”

“Ok, give me a heading.”

“Turn right to 030 pilot.”

“Well where the hell is that?” The pilot wanted to know the general location of where they were headed.

The Nav, a Christian Evangelist starts yelling into the mic “Holy shit, that’s the Megiddo valley pilot!”

“What the hell did you just say?

“They want us to drop on the ISIS army forming up in the Megiddo valley.”

The Radar chimes in,  “Now this was really getting weird, they said do not drop on these coordinates 32.5846° N, 35.1835° E., but they didn’t give us the correct target coordinates.”


What was going on was that IDF had set up a defensive position on the hill overlooking Hwy 66 and was trying to stop the advance of an ISIS armored column.  Pickens was quick witted, he knew what the game was, if he dropped the next nuke on ISIS then the Iranian F-14 would shoot him down.  Command had sent him only one set of valid coordinates, that is where they wanted the bomb dropped.  He knew this was a big game and they were laughing their asses off back in the vault.

ISIS was now under Shia command.  So he knew what he had to do, drop the B61 on the IDF position that was stopping the advance of ISIS.  He knew that ISIS was moving south to liberate Palestine from Zionist control, so the logical move was to remove their roadblock.  So happy to oblige he thought, the Palestinians were starving to death and the Zionists were holding them hostage.

It was weird how the Iranian pilot seemed to know what was going on.  “I hate politics” Pickens said, he explained to the crew the situation, they had to drop on the Israeli position.  No one disagreed.  Screw command, they must know what he was going to do and that’s why they are watching the whole thing from satellite and they picked him because they knew he would do what he was going to do!  “Everyone understand what’s going down? Lets get on with it then.”

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Chapter 7 Armageddon Angels


bomb run israel jesus returns

Our motley crew was on their way to Megiddo, and it was freaking out the Navigator, a devout Christian Evangelist and fervent believer in end times prophecy.  They had been faxed and Emergency War Order to drop on an IDF defensive position that was stopping ISIS from advancing south and liberating the Palestinians from Zionist control.

Nellis 97 B52 crew_jpg

They still had two B61 nuclear bombs outfitted for high altitude drop.  The plan was to drop on Megiddo then fly straight to Tehran and get refueled.  There was a problem, Command was adamant that under no conditions should they land at a non SAC base with a nuke.  So they needed an extra target before landing in Iran.

The pilot remembered his favorite sinister site, the Black Cube at Mecca.  Mecca was the holiest of Muslim sites, they had destroyed the Dome of the Rock Mosque, would they be able to destroy Mecca without their Iranian F-14 escort shooting them down?  Captain Pickens thought so, he figured he wouldn’t be having that thought unless it was so.  The F-14 would soon be out of fuel and after they dropped the next bomb the F-14 would be long gone.

So here he was,on the most epic flight of his career, with real nukes on board, and dropping them on the very places he didn’t like.  How could it get any better than this, he wondered?  But before he blasted the black cube back to hell, there was the world’s most moral army blocking the rescue of the Palestinians.  The IDF had the roads blocked in northern Palestine, they weren’t going to give ISIS a free pass.  The hardline Zionists were blackmailing the world with their Palestinian hostages.

The main part of Israel’s artillery and Merkava tanks were on the Megiddo hill, shelling any convoys coming southbound.   Israel had created the monster called ISIS, the long range plan of the Zionist was to create greater Israel.  But just like the movies, the Frankenstein turned on its master.  ISIS was the mad dog that chewed threw its leash, and they were moving south liberating Palestine.

greater israel isis frankenstein

The main highways were already a big mess,  ISIS forces were huge, nearly every able bodied Muslim joined their ranks after the nukes fell.  It was the hey day for ISIS, and they needed a little help, Christ to the rescue.  Pickens was coming up from the south, behind the defensive hilltop position, it was going to look like the big bad ole USA was coming to Israel’s rescue again.  It was a perfect setup, and bomb time was only 10 minutes away.


The Navigator was nervous, here he was acting out a part in a play he had read about in the Left Behind book series.  He prayed to Jesus, making the Jewish Radar Navigator nervous.  The Radar asks, “You really believe in that stuff, don’t you?”

Pickens heard that and laughs over the com, “Hey Nav, no worries, on this bomb run you are playing the part of Jesus.  You are the spirit of Christ coming to the rescue of the Palestinians, we are going to smite the forces of evil and free Palestine!”

“Sure, pilot.”  the Nav said nervously.   The crew members automatically ran their checklists, the pilot feathered the throttles and maintained bomb run airspeed.  He was manually flying as he usually did on bomb runs.  The idea was to have the wings perfectly level, without any rolling moment or pitch as the bomb left the bomb bay, that way the bomb left the aircraft with only the forward inertial momentum that was programmed into the bombing computer.

The fuel was getting low, they needed any amount they could get because that would increase their options, especially getting out of the Middle East hell hole that they were busy nuking.  The pilot breaks radio silence and calls for fuel.  It’s only 5 minutes to bomb drop.  He gets a reply, the tanker is 200 miles south, about half way to Mecca.  He makes quick arrangements to meet up.

megiddo ground zero

That is really strange he thinks to himself.  What are the chances that the very tanker I need is exactly on the route I secretly intended to take?  “Hey Radar, did you fax anyone our secret plan?”   The Radar, also very smart and long term crew member, always knew that any question from the pilot directed at him was of extreme importance.  “Not a word to a single soul, sir.”

Next, the copilot jabs Pickens again, he knows what that means, the F-14 is back.  “Pilot, there’s two F-14’s on our right wing, sir.”  He says mocking the Radars use of ‘sir’.  “The same Iranian camel jockey is giving us the thumbs up, SIR.”   The F-14’s wingman then skids under the BUFF to the left wing just as the bomb bay doors open, the rush of air turbulence fills the cockpit.  The Nav starts reading the bomb checklist over the com.  “Pilot, two minutes to bomb drop.”

b-52 with fighter escort

Down on the ground, IDF soldiers are cheering the approaching B-52, they can see it outlined with the contrails of two fighter escorts.  Little do they know the bomb is intended for them, not the approaching ISIS armored column.  The Nav starts the countdown,  “Pilot, stand by for countdown, …, 10, 9, …”  Radar chimes in “Keep the wings steady, pilot”  ” … 3, 2, 1,  bomb away, pilot turn right heading 150.”

“Hey Radar, what was the bomb yield setting?”  The pilot asks the radar as he rolls the wings level after the turn.  “F, remember we changed it to F?”  “Yeah I remember, do you know what F means?  “What?”  “F means FUCK ISRAEL!”  The crew laughs, “20 seconds to detonation, SIR!”  the Nav says over the com.  The crew laughs again, ‘SIR’ is the new intercom meme for the pilot.  The copilot then says, “What the hell happened to the F-14’s?”.

The silver B61 streaked invisibly through the clear blue sky, and when it reached 1200 feet AGL it went off, and like the sword of Jesus, it smited Zion in a bright flash.  The defensive position of the IDF was completely annihilated, and the mound of dirt called Megiddo was completely vaporized and was made no more.   Higher consciousness had finally defeated the Zionist Jews with one thermonuclear bomb dropped by an atheist pilot.

Historians later decide that bomb drop was the decisive moment in World War 3 that ended Israel.  It was the undoubting faith in freedom of the atheist pilot that had led to that moment, the crew that had been the joke of the bomb squadron were now the resident heroes. Little did they know, that the entire flight had been hacked and was being broadcast live on the internet.  All around the nation, surviving Americans of WW3 were sitting around radios cheering them on.  Our flyboys were huge heroes in now free America and they still had a long way to go to complete their mission.

But Captain Pickens didn’t know or care about any of that, he was thinking real hard about what just went down with the Iranian F-14’s.  How come they were right there on the bomb run, how did they know what they were doing?  How could Iranian camel jockeys know more than him?  Why was the KC-135 dead ahead even there?  How could any of this be real?  All his dreams and wishes were coming true.  It was way to coincidental, he had been trained in math and physics and didn’t believe in coincidence or the hand of god.  Something much bigger was looking out for them, but what the hell was it?

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Chapter 8 The Black Cube



The crew had just dropped the a B61 set on F,  or 340 kiloton equivalent of TNT, (that’s kilotons of trinitrotoluene or more specifically 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene) on the prophetic sight of Megiddo. Who knew that nukes were dial-a-yield, who knew the chemical make up of high explosives?  The bomber crew had dropped from on high, a nuke right on top of the Megiddo plateau, and Pickens knew that whatever was on the ground at Megiddo was flattened Jesus toast.

Skynet Bomb Run Israel

As the crew flew south, the navigator was coordinating the rendezvous with the KC-135 tanker that just happened to be located exactly along their secret route.  That puzzled our captain, he knew it was no coincidence, he was thinking, how the hell did command know to put that bird there? This mission was more than strange, it was getting just plain weird, here they are flying up, down, back and forth across the holy land dropping nukes and everything is lining up like ducks in a row.

Perkins then asks over the com to EWO, “Hey E-dub … Skynet.”.

Immediately the Electronic Warfare Officer responds, “Yeah pilot, I know your thinking about Skynet, do you how I know?”

“Ok, you have my interest peaked, how do you know that I am thinking right now about Skynet, are you psychic?”

Everyone on the craft laughed, and everyone in the squadron knew about Skynet, the hypothetical computer in the Terminator movie series that turns on mankind in 3 ten thousands of a second after the Air Force turns it on.  Skynet determines that carbon based lifeforms are a threat to its existence and unleashes the terminator robots and drones onto humankind.

“The Air Force has Skynet, they call it Global Digital Defense Network, it’s not what you think.”

“Didn’t you work on that last year?” queried the pilot.


“Pray tell, what did you do E-dub?”  The pilot now was becoming aware that the GDDN was intergrated in his mission.

“I entered your Facebook profile into a database.”

“You did what?  Tell me you didn’t do that.”  Perkins states.

“I put everyone’s profile into a database as part of the GDDN – that is why we are winning right now, that is how I know Skynet is anticipating your moves.”

Perkins – “Say that again, there’s a computer putting refueling planes in my path before I even need one?”

“No pilot, it is not like that, the GDDN is close to artificial intelligence and it interacts with command, it displays probabilities of your intentions and moves at HQ.”

Strategic Command Skynet AI Defense Network

“Wow, that’s cool, I think…not”  Pickens says over the mic.  “That computer is playing the role of God, isn’t it?”

EWO – “Not really, it is increasing mission effectiveness, it is calculating at the speed of light what is going to happen before it happens so that command can be better chess players.”

Pickens was satisfied, he had solves a major problem that was bothering him.  GDDN, wasn’t that short for GoDDamN, he thought?

The purpose of this mission was post WW3 cleaning up the nasty Illuminati sinister sites that were still in operation and plaguing mankind. Rothschild was toast but the remnants of his subterfuge still existed.  Russia had nuked the Rothschild castle after being threatened because of their new currency moves, the central banking empire had immediately collapsed.  Trillions upon trillions of debt instantly disappeared.

That was history, the change was moving fast, the world was being transformed in a blink of an eye.  No nation dared to take out the black cube in Mecca, the holiest of Muslim sites, no nation even consider it a target, it had no military significance.  But not to Captain Pickens, he thought it as a primary target, one that was blocking the evolution of human consciousness.  What commander would approve of striking that target, military commanders like religions, so the computer had chosen Pickens for the mission, because there was a 93% probability he would go for it.

Sinister Black Cube at Mecca

Captain Pickens had no problem taking it out, well educated in comparative mythology, such places were ridiculous to him, mankind’s consciousness was stuck in the Dark Age with places like Mecca.  Myth wasn’t just retarded, it was bad.  Religion is used to control people and make them obey a ruling class, priests and politicians who should be shot – not venerated.

Captain Pickens was a rebel, couldn’t stand rules, he never even filled out the 1040 tax forms, he just didn’t care about such legalities.  He always broke the rules, who the hell had the right to tell him what to do?  What he really didn’t like was organized religion, it was the evil consuming the planet.  The world had just suffered the loss of 3 billion people, and here he was, an active participant in WW3, with an opportunity to change things, a chance to change the power structure of the world and take down religion a notch.

ground zero mecca

And the time to Mecca was in less than an hour and a half.  The world was going to be changed a whole lot after today, he thought.  Would he survive the wrath of the believers, would he be a hero or a villain.  Fuck everyone he thought, I’m right and I know I am right and I just happen to be the one in the bomber right now.  The Universe isn’t broken, maybe I am supposed to be here doing exactly what I am thinking, this is my fate.

They quickly refueled and continued toward Mecca, Saudi Arabia was brown, brown like shit he thought.  No wonder Mohammedanism came about in such a place.  A shitty religion born in a shitty place.  One true prophet my ass, how can they not know about the history of religion?  Don’t they have the internet, can they not read?  Why are these Muslim pricks just like Baptist pricks back home he wondered?  Who cares, fuck them and fuck their religion, they are about to get exactly just what they deserve.


Exactly nine minutes and eleven seconds before the time over target, they got a fax, Diego Garcia was nuked.  At first the crew was elated with the extra gas – they were going to make it back to the island refuge – then three minutes and eleven seconds later they were told it was gone and try elsewhere.  Where could they go?  ‘Gee, let me think, Tehran’ joked Pickens in his own mind.  The computer wanted us to go to Tehran.  What lay there, the pilot wondered?  He damn well knew but would not admit it, were not all of his lifelong dreams manifesting at this very moment?

God damn computers, Pickens thought.  AI would be the undoing of us all.  Maybe he should drop a bomb on the USAF AI computer.  Where was it?  He knew in his gut where it was, it probably was at the brand new NSA center in Mormon Utah.  That is where it was alright and those guarding it were far more determined Dominionists than any Muslim, they were Mormons.  He let out a sigh, he thought he was done fighting with this mission, he could see a whole new mission forming, someone with big brass balls was going to have to take out Skynet located in Mormon central.

The rest of the mission went without a hitch, the B61 bomb they dropped was set on A, 0.3 KT, the black cube would be gone forever when it penetrated the ground and took out whatever they thought was so holy about that site.  So on March 29th 2015, in the year of our late Lord Rothschild, Mecca was vaporized.

The world of humanity was changed forever, Captain Pickens would go down in history as the greatest effector of positive change, he would be a hero to the Christian Dominionist world, and the greatest villain to Prophet Mohammed believers.  Just what did this rogue pilot do?  He used his intellect, spirit and will to free humanity from the bondage of religion.  Humans were nothing but Apes with AK-47’s he always said, and a whole of people deserved killin’.

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Chapter 9 Persian Princess


persian_princess bomb run israel

When the crew was on the last nuclear bomb run they thought that they were heading back to Diego Garcia, but exactly 3 minutes and 11 seconds after getting refueled, and exactly 9 minutes and 11 seconds before the bomb drop, the were told Diego had gotten nuked like Bikini atoll.  Such time stamps were more than coincidental, something else was entirely was going on.

The pilot had found out from the Electronic Warfare Officer that command was use an AI computer that was anticipating their needs and now it was apparent that this machine was also sending them messages, or timing the messages.  But there was more to the story, the Air Force Academy had been taken over by Christian Dominionists who were also Christian Evangelicals who believed in Revelation and end time prophecies.  Could they be the ones behind the timing of those messages?

Back in 2007, a B-52 had been hijacked from Minot North Dakota with real nuclear weapons on board, rumor had it that a rogue faction within the Christian Dominionists were working with Dick Cheney to ignite WW3 with a nuclear false flag but the crew got wind of it and diverted into Barksdale before carrying out a false flag.  The USAF and Zionist controlled federal government investigated and cover up the incident.

air-force-academy-chapel bomb run israel  yukon jack logo

So the pilot was thinking about all this and  thought, the boyz in the command bunker must be laughing their asses off, sending coordinates for Megiddo, and references to the 911, 311 false flags intentionally.  But then again maybe it was the god computer, which these USAF Evangelicals had programmed to carry out prophecy.  Which one was it?  Regardless those sons of bitches are goin’ to pay when he got back to Iowa he thought, I am goin’ to drink them under the table.

Little did the American people know that Christian Dominionists had infiltrated the USAF Academy and command structure of USAF proper, not to mention our Congressional offices and Pickens didn’t like it one bit.  He knew exactly how religion is used to control the masses, those will the spiritual knowledge and better intellects could control the lesser IQ’s with myth.  Myth is used to control and an authentic spiritual person tries to free men from bondage, not enslave them.


He would have nothing to do with organized religion.  His Catholic parents had groomed him to be a priest, but he wanted nothing to do with some god damn Roman anti-sex religion.  He loved woman, he really loved everything to do with woman, how they looked, how they walked, how they talked, how they flipped their hair or argued with him.  He loved woman, not rules, and he especially detested any religion that restricted a man’s natural instincts.

In fact he was on an eternal quest to find the perfect woman.  What else could be worthy of his efforts but the perfect woman?  Pickens was not just the most unruly pilot in the squadron, he was a woman slayer or the skankmaster as his friends called him.  He slept with most any woman, but they weren’t whores liked they called them, they were love, how could his friends not see that?  Well the label it stuck because it was true, so many American woman were skanks and whores.

Screw those Air Force wives and their bloated SUV’s that matched their butts, he laughed.  If he survived this mission he would be riding so high, he wouldn’t just be walking on water, hell, he would be walking on clouds.  And who knows, what lay ahead?    He laughed to himself, what skanky bitch lay ahead he wondered?  He was the one in the bomber now, and he had to make sure he wasn’t being played by the Christian Dominionists back at Command HQ.

b-52 in turn

The crew had dropped all four B61 thermonuclear bombs.  They had changed the world and now they were headed on a straight line to Tehran, Iran.  They were only able to take on 40,000 pounds of fuel and coincidentally they were going to land with 40,000 pounds of fuel.  Gee, thought Pickens, if they hadn’t got any fuel they would of flamed out in the flare, but now all was fine.  Why?  Because obviously the God computer had given them the exact amount of fuel they needed to land with the exact minimum specified fuel amount.

So as they flew into Iran, the new ally of the New States of America, who but their new friend Amir, the Iranian F-14 pilot show up, once again on their right wing.  They were being escorted right to the front gate of the Persian Palace he thought.  Captain Pickens decided to mess with the copilots mind a bit, “Hey co, guess how much we are going to land with?” he asked the copilot.  “I dunno?”  “I’ll bet 40,000 pounds.”  The copilot wondered, How does he know, he wouldn’t have said that unless he was sure?


About 200 miles out the pilot started the descent from 42,000 feet.  The dropped the gear and flaps just before the final turn inbound to Imam Khomeni International and rolled out without using the drag chute.  When the pilots shut the last engine down and the co was making the final fuel entry to the flight log, Captain Pickens asked the copilot what the final fuel total was.  “40,000 … how the hell did you know?”   Pickens grinned like the Cheshire Cat enjoying his mental victory.

They were greeted by USAF personnel – now stationed there.  No surprise, thought Pickens, I should of guessed the boys in blue were already here.  They proceeded to debriefing.  The crew was transported in a brand new black Chevy Yukon SUV to the Hilton International and escorted directly to their rooms without having to check in, everything has been prearranged – how did they know he would land here?

When they got to the briefing room who else would be greeting them but the Squadron Commander and the wives of the crew members?   What else could possibly surprise him, he told the copilot to handle the debriefing paperwork and headed downstairs to the bar after a quick shower.  Funny how his clothes from his room at base housing just happened to be hanging in the closet at the Royal Tehran Hilton International.


Once at the bar he began to relax, the mission was finally over, what was he going to do with his life next?  And what the hell just happened, how could he be here in the middle of the Muslim empire and not be the enemy of state after just nuking Mecca.  Maybe they didn’t know what he just did, but maybe they did know and were ok with it.  What the hell did he just do, being back on the ground he reminisced with some emotional regret.

He felt safe with so many USAF boys all around, if the Iranians were ok with them then he would be ok. Well the world is sure strange, he thought, and he started noticing how well dressed the Iranians were.  When he turned back around in his bar stool there stood Amir, the same Iranian F-14 pilot had snuck up on him again.  “Whoa, where’d you come from?”  Pickens asked as reached out and shook the hand of his new friend.  Pickens wondered if he had any more surprises for him.  Amir replied that he was very well, and if if needed anything.  Pickens accepted another drink on the house.

The generosity and warm friendliness of his Iranian hosts was most overwhelming.  Then after the second drink Amir looked at him a bit more serious, and Pickens wondered what was coming next.  Amir was drinking coffee, WTF, don’t these fools drink?  Was he going to be confronted, did Amir have a question about the mission and what they did to Mecca, Pickens wondered.

It was neither, he wanted him to meet a very special person, his sister.  Just when he finished the sentence, which was in perfect English, around the corner of the lobby came the most graceful and beautiful woman he had ever seen.  She was more than lovely, this had to be his queen of hearts, that which he had desired for most of his adult life just floated right up to him like an angel.

Her eyes were bright yet soft with kindness.  She was intelligent and witty, perfect skin and body.  Yep, his intuition about how this day was going to end was right on, he had been escorted right into the palace with a perfect Persian Princess.  She was perfect love, he knew his lifelong quest was finally completed, could this day get any better he thought?  Not a chance.