Chapter 8 The Black Cube



The crew had just dropped the a B61 set on F,  or 340 kiloton equivalent of TNT, (that’s kilotons of trinitrotoluene or more specifically 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene) on the prophetic sight of Megiddo. Who knew that nukes were dial-a-yield, who knew the chemical make up of high explosives?  The bomber crew had dropped from on high, a nuke right on top of the Megiddo plateau, and Pickens knew that whatever was on the ground at Megiddo was flattened Jesus toast.

Skynet Bomb Run Israel

As the crew flew south, the navigator was coordinating the rendezvous with the KC-135 tanker that just happened to be located exactly along their secret route.  That puzzled our captain, he knew it was no coincidence, he was thinking, how the hell did command know to put that bird there? This mission was more than strange, it was getting just plain weird, here they are flying up, down, back and forth across the holy land dropping nukes and everything is lining up like ducks in a row.

Perkins then asks over the com to EWO, “Hey E-dub … Skynet.”.

Immediately the Electronic Warfare Officer responds, “Yeah pilot, I know your thinking about Skynet, do you how I know?”

“Ok, you have my interest peaked, how do you know that I am thinking right now about Skynet, are you psychic?”

Everyone on the craft laughed, and everyone in the squadron knew about Skynet, the hypothetical computer in the Terminator movie series that turns on mankind in 3 ten thousands of a second after the Air Force turns it on.  Skynet determines that carbon based lifeforms are a threat to its existence and unleashes the terminator robots and drones onto humankind.

“The Air Force has Skynet, they call it Global Digital Defense Network, it’s not what you think.”

“Didn’t you work on that last year?” queried the pilot.


“Pray tell, what did you do E-dub?”  The pilot now was becoming aware that the GDDN was intergrated in his mission.

“I entered your Facebook profile into a database.”

“You did what?  Tell me you didn’t do that.”  Perkins states.

“I put everyone’s profile into a database as part of the GDDN – that is why we are winning right now, that is how I know Skynet is anticipating your moves.”

Perkins – “Say that again, there’s a computer putting refueling planes in my path before I even need one?”

“No pilot, it is not like that, the GDDN is close to artificial intelligence and it interacts with command, it displays probabilities of your intentions and moves at HQ.”

Strategic Command Skynet AI Defense Network

“Wow, that’s cool, I think…not”  Pickens says over the mic.  “That computer is playing the role of God, isn’t it?”

EWO – “Not really, it is increasing mission effectiveness, it is calculating at the speed of light what is going to happen before it happens so that command can be better chess players.”

Pickens was satisfied, he had solves a major problem that was bothering him.  GDDN, wasn’t that short for GoDDamN, he thought?

The purpose of this mission was post WW3 cleaning up the nasty Illuminati sinister sites that were still in operation and plaguing mankind. Rothschild was toast but the remnants of his subterfuge still existed.  Russia had nuked the Rothschild castle after being threatened because of their new currency moves, the central banking empire had immediately collapsed.  Trillions upon trillions of debt instantly disappeared.

That was history, the change was moving fast, the world was being transformed in a blink of an eye.  No nation dared to take out the black cube in Mecca, the holiest of Muslim sites, no nation even consider it a target, it had no military significance.  But not to Captain Pickens, he thought it as a primary target, one that was blocking the evolution of human consciousness.  What commander would approve of striking that target, military commanders like religions, so the computer had chosen Pickens for the mission, because there was a 93% probability he would go for it.

Sinister Black Cube at Mecca

Captain Pickens had no problem taking it out, well educated in comparative mythology, such places were ridiculous to him, mankind’s consciousness was stuck in the Dark Age with places like Mecca.  Myth wasn’t just retarded, it was bad.  Religion is used to control people and make them obey a ruling class, priests and politicians who should be shot – not venerated.

Captain Pickens was a rebel, couldn’t stand rules, he never even filled out the 1040 tax forms, he just didn’t care about such legalities.  He always broke the rules, who the hell had the right to tell him what to do?  What he really didn’t like was organized religion, it was the evil consuming the planet.  The world had just suffered the loss of 3 billion people, and here he was, an active participant in WW3, with an opportunity to change things, a chance to change the power structure of the world and take down religion a notch.

ground zero mecca

And the time to Mecca was in less than an hour and a half.  The world was going to be changed a whole lot after today, he thought.  Would he survive the wrath of the believers, would he be a hero or a villain.  Fuck everyone he thought, I’m right and I know I am right and I just happen to be the one in the bomber right now.  The Universe isn’t broken, maybe I am supposed to be here doing exactly what I am thinking, this is my fate.

They quickly refueled and continued toward Mecca, Saudi Arabia was brown, brown like shit he thought.  No wonder Mohammedanism came about in such a place.  A shitty religion born in a shitty place.  One true prophet my ass, how can they not know about the history of religion?  Don’t they have the internet, can they not read?  Why are these Muslim pricks just like Baptist pricks back home he wondered?  Who cares, fuck them and fuck their religion, they are about to get exactly just what they deserve.


Exactly nine minutes and eleven seconds before the time over target, they got a fax, Diego Garcia was nuked.  At first the crew was elated with the extra gas – they were going to make it back to the island refuge – then three minutes and eleven seconds later they were told it was gone and try elsewhere.  Where could they go?  ‘Gee, let me think, Tehran’ joked Pickens in his own mind.  The computer wanted us to go to Tehran.  What lay there, the pilot wondered?  He damn well knew but would not admit it, were not all of his lifelong dreams manifesting at this very moment?

God damn computers, Pickens thought.  AI would be the undoing of us all.  Maybe he should drop a bomb on the USAF AI computer.  Where was it?  He knew in his gut where it was, it probably was at the brand new NSA center in Mormon Utah.  That is where it was alright and those guarding it were far more determined Dominionists than any Muslim, they were Mormons.  He let out a sigh, he thought he was done fighting with this mission, he could see a whole new mission forming, someone with big brass balls was going to have to take out Skynet located in Mormon central.

The rest of the mission went without a hitch, the B61 bomb they dropped was set on A, 0.3 KT, the black cube would be gone forever when it penetrated the ground and took out whatever they thought was so holy about that site.  So on March 29th 2015, in the year of our late Lord Rothschild, Mecca was vaporized.

The world of humanity was changed forever, Captain Pickens would go down in history as the greatest effector of positive change, he would be a hero to the Christian Dominionist world, and the greatest villain to Prophet Mohammed believers.  Just what did this rogue pilot do?  He used his intellect, spirit and will to free humanity from the bondage of religion.  Humans were nothing but Apes with AK-47’s he always said, and a whole of people deserved killin’.

islam_symbol_sword negated yukon jack logo


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