Chapter 6 Gaza



The crew had dropped their second bomb and they still had two left, both high altitude ones, both without parachute.  They now had to choose targets that they could drop on from on high.  That’s not easy to do when you are in the middle of Israel surrounded by Jewish supremacists who are mad as a nest of hornets you just knocked out of the tree with a broomstick.  Our crew had just destroyed the holiest city of the Jews and they were flying right over the middle of the former nation of Israel, it was still Jewlandia down there, but our fly boys were safe on high.


They were well away from ground zero when the shock wave caught up with them, the craft suddered, the engines gauges fluctuated slightly.  Every thing looked good so the pilot immediately pulled the nose up with one G force and the VVI whizzed as airspeed was traded for altitude.  In just a few seconds they gained 8,000 feet of elevation in a 300,000 pounds of aluminum and fuel, as he pushed the nose back over the crew floated momentarily in their seats.

There was no reason to keep burning fuel low level, the big boom cleared the skies of threats.  “That was fun”, said the pilot over the com, referring to the pull up maneuver.  The crew laughed, thinking he was talking about the bomb run, he always loved trading speed for altitude, especially in the big heavy BUFF.  The tension eases and they crew continued their checklist duties, the crew had survived their second bomb run.

They continued climbing to cruising altitude at 220 KIAS, turn slightly right and headed straight for the Gaza strip.  They leveled off at 20,000 feet and decided to enjoyed the sights, the copilot opened the reflective curtains that protected the crew from the blinding nuke flash.  A lower scattered cloud deck obscured much of the country side.  Behind them was a mushroom cloud, hell for those down there but our boys were like angels, aloof to that reality, they were in their another realm.

They now had 80,000 pounds of fuel, they started calling for tankers, why be concerned about radio silence when you just lit off a big nuke?  They needed lots of fuel, the B-52 had eight engines that burned an average of 20,000 pounds and hour.  The copilot was busy leveling the fuel tanks to keep the craft CG aligned, the pilot was studying the coast of Palestine known as the Gaza strip.

Gaza was coming into view, Captain Pickens could see the blue ocean on the horizon.  The pilots were shocked by what they saw, the were flying relatively low, only at 20,000 feet and they could see clearly the massive devastation in the Gaza strip.  How come they didn’t know about this, they wondered?  Whole sections of Gaza were completely leveled as if they were looking at Germany after WW2.  What the hell?

gaza destruction

How could of anyone got out of there in the latest bombing campaign when whole blocks were leveled, Captain Pickens immediately knew that many more Palestinians had been killed than the official accounts.  He thought it couldn’t possibly be 5,000, it was more like 50,000.  The Copilot was also looking down at the strips of destruction and says “Look at this fucking shithole,” matching Pickens very thoughts.

As the B-52 headed southwest along the Gaza strip, Pickens had seen enough, fuck these Jewish pricks he thought, they controlled the media so not only were they killing tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, they were also getting away with this murderous genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing because the Zionist Jewish extremists controlled the entire US media. He eased the throttles forward and pulled the nose up slightly and started climbing to a higher cruise altitude.  “I’ve seen enough how about you Co?”

The copilot was continuing his calls for fuel, but no one was answering which was very strange because they were in radio range of a dozen nations, but it post nuclear war and the radio was silent.  “Do you know what’s dead ahead, co?” asked the pilot.

“Yeah, sure, Egypt.  Pyramids, Giza and lots of desert.”  Just then a bright white streak of an inbound missile lit up the sky and clouds below, a perfect straight line, a white streak like on a chalkboard, it was the unmistakeable signature of a ballistic missile.

The pilots stared at the horizon, they were over a hundred miles away, then all of a sudden a bright flash, they had both lowered their Star Wars visors to shield their eyes from the nuclear detonation.  They watched the mushroom cloud roiled up toward the heavens, what they were looking at was Cairo being struck by a ballistic missile from who knows who.

The pilot was mesmerized by the beauty of the huge fiery ball, it was a ground strike, the stem cloud was brown, after the bright light diminished he popped up his visor to make sure of the color.  Pickens then calmly announces over the mic, “Scratch ditching into the Cairo airport … crew there is a change in plans, Cairo was just nuked!” and makes a 90 degree right turn and heads north bound out into the Mediterranean Sea.

“Fuck” he said, “Fuck, no wonder no one is talkin’, we are still in the middle of the fight.”   “Hey Nav, exactly where are we?”

The Nav quickly replied “About 5 miles north of the Sinai Peninsula.”

“Well I’m going to get clear of the coast and head back toward the West bank and use our nuke as cover.”  The crew had dropped their second B61 only 30 minutes prior and now that blast had created a huge mushroom cloud that they could duck under for cover.

As the continued north, bomber was now traversing the very spot 50 years earlier where Israel tried to sink a US Navy ship in a false flag operation meant to draw America into the Israeli Six Day War.   The pilot remembered the USS Liberty incident on 8 June 1967.  It pissed him off, especially after just witnessing the Gaza destruction.

uss liberty false flag israel

Pickens knew the 911 was made possible by the USS Liberty incident.  Because America did not protest this historic event the Israelis had been emboldened to pull 911.  He knew damn well that America had been owned by the Rothschild Jewish bankers and Israel used it to her advantage.  Russia rescued America from her pathetic self when they destroyed the Rothschild banking dynasty two weeks earlier.

As the copilot kept calling for fuel he spotted a brown F-14 rejoining them from below their right wing, it wasn’t hostile, and it wasn’t ours.  “You see that pilot?”  The copilot was jabbing the pilot with his clipboard while keeping his eyes glued on the fighter.

“Yeah I see it and he trying to talk to us –  turn the VHS radio to 121.5!”

In perfect English the could hear a pleasant sounding Iranian pilot asking them what they were doing.  The pilot keyed the radio and says they were sight seeing and needed some fuel.  The Iranian pilot asks if they can make it to Iran, pilot affirms and says “We’ll be there in two hours.”

iranian f-14 bomb run israel

As the F-14 starts waving off to the right the pilot asks “Whats your name anyways, where are you stationed?”

“Amir and I’ll see you at Tehran International, ok?”

“Ok, Amir lets have a drink together tonight.” Perkins responds, “Over and out.”

Iran was now our ally but it was unnerving to see an Iranian F-14 over the Mediterranean.  The copilot keeps watching the fighter and sees that it takes up station about 2000 feet off their right wing.  “Pilot, it looks like we got a tag along.”   “He’s shadowing us.”

What were the chances that when they were directly over the USS Liberty coordinates they would meet up with and Iranian fighter jet?  Things were sure getting strange on this mission, a little too much coincidence for ever suspicious Captain Pickens.  There was a lot more going on that meets the eye, it was like his whole life had led up to this moment.

Just as the pilot finished that thought, the Radar chimes in, “Pilot!  We got a Emergency War Order coming in!”  The crew goes dead silent as the emergency war order is faxed.

“Ok … read it to me.”

“They want us to strike an ISIS position at coordinates 32.0000° N, 35.0000° ”

“Ok, give me a heading.”

“Turn right to 030 pilot.”

“Well where the hell is that?” The pilot wanted to know the general location of where they were headed.

The Nav, a Christian Evangelist starts yelling into the mic “Holy shit, that’s the Megiddo valley pilot!”

“What the hell did you just say?

“They want us to drop on the ISIS army forming up in the Megiddo valley.”

The Radar chimes in,  “Now this was really getting weird, they said do not drop on these coordinates 32.5846° N, 35.1835° E., but they didn’t give us the correct target coordinates.”


What was going on was that IDF had set up a defensive position on the hill overlooking Hwy 66 and was trying to stop the advance of an ISIS armored column.  Pickens was quick witted, he knew what the game was, if he dropped the next nuke on ISIS then the Iranian F-14 would shoot him down.  Command had sent him only one set of valid coordinates, that is where they wanted the bomb dropped.  He knew this was a big game and they were laughing their asses off back in the vault.

ISIS was now under Shia command.  So he knew what he had to do, drop the B61 on the IDF position that was stopping the advance of ISIS.  He knew that ISIS was moving south to liberate Palestine from Zionist control, so the logical move was to remove their roadblock.  So happy to oblige he thought, the Palestinians were starving to death and the Zionists were holding them hostage.

It was weird how the Iranian pilot seemed to know what was going on.  “I hate politics” Pickens said, he explained to the crew the situation, they had to drop on the Israeli position.  No one disagreed.  Screw command, they must know what he was going to do and that’s why they are watching the whole thing from satellite and they picked him because they knew he would do what he was going to do!  “Everyone understand what’s going down? Lets get on with it then.”

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