Chapter 2 The Conversation En Route


The B-52 slowly climbed to altitude with a heavy fuel load.  Their first rendezvous was with the KC-10 about one hour out where they would top off all the tanks while on the way toward the Arabian peninsula. As they slowly climbed to the initial altitude of 26,000, the cell formed up, the formation consisted of 3 aircraft.  Pickens was in the lead, having the most experience from the Iraq war, he was chosen to lead the three aircraft bomber cell to bomb Israel.

The B52s maintained radio silence enroute, which was standard procedure.  The crew was especially silent on this mission, there was little chat over the interphone because of the gravity of the situation, the pilot and copilot ran the checklist in soft voices, the radar only interrupted once to ask the navigator where was the coffee.  Air refueling was done in silence and went off without a hitch, the crew was well trained.


It was still dark and the pilots could just start to see the sun coming up over the horizon.  The Co, being a Second Lieutenant and lacking experience blurted – “Why are we bombing Israel?”  There was dead silence, he had asked the quintessential question that everyone in the squadron was wondering.

Capt. Slim Pickens, sensing panic, instructs the crew why they have to bomb Israel.  Why had America turned against their supposed ally?  The crew, indoctrinated in Christianity, could not understand why America was now bombing the Holy Land.  The Captain held his mask close and raised his voice “Crew – Listen Up!”

Silence fell amongst the crew, they knew Pickens was going to make a serious speech, the engines droned on in the background, the co-pilot was scribbling a message on a piece of paper and looking bewildered.  Then the pilot said calmly, as if he had thought about this a long time, “Crew, we are in an epic struggle between good and evil”, he paused and continued in the same voice, “We almost lost our nation two weeks ago, we survived by a hair, this is a cleanup mission to take out the real enemy, the enemy that completely duped us after 911.”

“Yeah we know Israel did 911, but that was the Zionists in Israel, not the regular Jews,” the copilot said again.  Pickens went on, “There is little  difference between Judaism and Zionism.  The Torah is a Jewish supremacist propaganda document, there was never a god telling anyone to destroy the other tribe.  Zionism was formed directly out of Jewish holy books, thus all believing Jews are part and parcel part of the Zionist state of Israel and the leaders admit this in public speeches.”


“We were fooled all along, we Americans had brought Christianity with us to the New World and that belief system allowed the Jews to work their way into every position of government unnoticed.  They gained so much control in the media that no one could speak openly without being denounced as an anti-Semite.  Those bright minds that were aware of the situation were viciously attacked by Abe Foxman of the ADL, a Mossad operation, a spy organization of Israel.”

“They owned us, they completely owned us and ran us into the ground, we lost all our manufacturing, they turned us from the most productive peoples into welfare recipients, marauding militarists, porn addicts (crew laughs) It was a hell of a ride and the entire nation became the property of Rothschild.  We were owned like cattle, all because of the greed of one banking family.”

the devil rothschild wants our very souls

“Until two weeks ago the Jews controlled the finance, Homeland Security, police, Hollywood, most major corporations, the Presidency, the Congress – especially the Congress.  Crew – the US military has been used like whores since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  We’ve been fighting the wrong enemy all along, and we had to pay the price for our foolishness.  They needed us, we didn’t need them.”

“Everything that we stood for, as Americans everything we stood for was corrupted, overturned, bloodified, desanctified by this Jewish control.  We were used like toilet paper then thrown away, and we saw it happening and couldn’t stop it because of the myth we we taught, we were taught to obey authority even when that authority became evil.  America was used by the central bankers then tossed aside.  The whole nation paid the price because everyone just kept going along with the system.”

Pickens took a deep breath and went on, the orange sky was turning blue as the sun came up, the B-52s flawlessly droned on.  Boeing had built one excellent aircraft, over 50 years old they were still the backbone of the USAF bomber aircraft.

route diego garcia to bomb israel chart

“The military kept following orders of this criminal political class of Rothschild puppets until the nation was completely bankrupt and in endless unwinnable wars in a vain desperate attempt to prop up the exponential debt.  But now we have new orders coming from a good man, not a Zio puppet of Israel.  We have to do what you do to any supremacist who runs roughshod over you, we have to humiliate Israel.  We have to show Israel that we are done with their parasitic existence on us, we have to make an example of state of Israel.  Never again shall we tolerate outside control.”

“We’ve been assigned to take out a major Illuminati sinister site, a place of demon worship and occult symbolism.  Rothschild is an evil bastard, unfortunately Russia got her licks in first and the Waddeson Manor is gone, now just a smokin’ hole, a special hell where children were ritually abused.  Good riddance, the world never needed that family, they were worse than useless, these trillonaires were the central characters in the decline of the specie.”

“We never needed those pricks, we never needed a Rothschild central bank, we the people of the United States were perfectly content and prosperous before the Federal Reserve System was set up to exploit America.  What you all need to know is that Israel was the pet state of Rothschild, it was where this Rothschild family worth 500 trillion could fuck with other people because they had their own state to play with – as if humans were like a toys.”

israel_rothschild_supreme_court GROUND ZERO

“Our target is the Israeli Supreme Court, the center of Rothschild Occultic Evil, a sinister building where they would rule under the iron fist of Talmudic rule.  This network of Rothschild Zionist control is being scrubbed from the planet, our mission is part of a worldwide effort to remove this evil.  We must reassert our humanity and recover our integrity as a specie.”

“So crew this is our first moral mission in our careers.  This is the most important mission of our lives, we will and we must take out all Rothschild assets.  Humanity can no longer tolerate this incredible evil of concentrated capital in the hands of a few banking families.  This is a war between good and evil, and I am proud of this crew for volunteering for this mission.  We are making history boys!”

“Thank you, Mr. President!”  The gunner breaks the tension with his smart comment, the crew laughs.



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