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Chapter 1 Bomb Run Israel


Chapter 2 The Conversation En Route


Chapter 3 The Bomb Run


Chapter 4 Going For The Gold Dome


Chapter 5 The Garden of Gethsemane


Chapter 6 Gaza


Chapter 7 Armageddon Angels


Chapter 8 The Black Cube


Chapter 9 Persian Princess

Chapter 1. Bomb Run Israel



After that fateful day in March, America woke up stunned, Russia had taken out Washington D.C. and New York City.  The Zionist cabal that covertly used nukes in the Ukraine war had been decapitated.  Two weeks later, on the 29th of March, the newly sworn in President Keck order the attack on Israel from his headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base.

It was about time, finally some sane USAF patriots took control of the insane situation that afflicted America after 911.  With the ‘District of Criminals’ and the Pentagon gone, the nation’s capital was moved to the center of the continent.

Tel Aviv had escaped Russia’s wrath, although her airbases had been flattened by Russian MIRV’s.  The command staff wanted those awful Rothschild sinister sites taken down because they knew what lie underneath.  The criminal Jewish cabal needed to be taught a humiliating lesson at this moment in history that would be remembered for all time.

The American military had bombers stationed at Diego Garcia, the Pentagon had been busy preparing a sneak attack on Iran and Russia.  Russia had beat the Neocons to the punch, they had watched in horror as the American military had tore up the Middle East, they weren’t going to sit by and just take it, they made their move first after the Ukraine civil war flared up again.

In nuclear war, he who shoots first wins, Russia made the first move.  Russia had won, she completely took out the Zionist threat, London was gone, New York gone.  Now with the finance centers of Jewish domination gone, it was time for some payback, America needed to payback Israel for 911.  America needed to save face, she was an old whore, nearly raped to death by Israeli predator nation.

There were many crew members aware of the situation and they were anxious to volunteer for this mission.  The command staff quickly drew up some plans to get some B-52’s over Israel.  They faxed over to the crews stationed at Diego Garcia, the navigators got their charts prepared, the radar navigators determined the best offsets for the triangulation math for the target, the sinister site of the Israel Supreme Court.

ground zero ISRAEL-SUPREME-COURT-america nukes israel

The mission was nuclear, B61 Mod 11 thermonuclear penetrating bombs were going to be dropped directly on the Rothschild’s pyramid, a sinister occult symbol built into the Israeli Supreme Court building.  The blast would instantly vaporize the court building and the parliament next door, and dig out the secret command and control center underneath.  The Khazar Jew threat would be finally taken out, ending Rothschild dream of world conquest.

After what Israel had done to the former United States, patriot airmen were anxious for some old time payback.  The command staff wanted Israel’s underground bunkers taken out and no more trouble from the Khazar Jew crazies who had attempted to get the USA and the USSR to annihilate each other.  The ploy didn’t work, the world was interconnected and knew the game, Zionism had been exposed.  The propaganda campaign by the Jewish owned media had failed to convince the American people to attack Russia.

Captain Pickens and his crew were selected as the lead bomb crew.  They immediately began preflight duties after maintenance personnel loaded the 1200 pound upgraded B61s. He asked the Radar Navigator what the bomb preset settings were.  The radar replies, “B.”

“How big is B?” the pilot asks again.  “1.5 kt”.

“What’s the highest setting, we ain’t here to drop firecrackers are we?”  “F.”

“What happens to us if we change it?”  “Nothing, we’ll be long gone.”

“Can we change it?”   “Yep!”

“No one will know, right?”  “Yes sir” the radar affirmed the order…chuckles.

“We wouldn’t want to deprive God’s chosen ones of anything would we?” Captain Pickens muttered softly.

israel aint our friend

Pickens ducks under the bomb bay and spots black magic marker graffiti.  ‘From America with love, thanks for 911 Israel’.  He laughed again, the crew was gung ho and that was good.  His men had a positive mental attitude, it was time to make some history.

As the B-52’s taxied out, the pilots watched the KC 10’s launch, next it was their turn.  The pushed all eight throttles forward and the BUFF lumbered forward, Captain Pickens always held his breath during the takeoff.  Would this old thing actually get off the ground?  Boeing’s fortress was old reliable and the giant bomber lifted off like it did every time.  The fuselage groaned as he wing tips lifted up, burdening from the heavy fuel load.  As the aircraft lifted off he breathed in relief and retracted the gear.

As a former Christian, he had been duped by the Jews like everyone else.  All that religion he was taught as a child was just bad myth, psychological conditioning that bonded him to the enemy, myth that caused the destruction of his homeland.  The situation was surreal, how did this happen to our people he wondered?

The America he knew was gone, it had been transformed into a police state by the Neocon Jewish cabal after 911, now it had been nuked.  He handed over the remaining of the climbout to the co-pilot and muttered, thanks for destroying our nation Jew, we don’t need friends like you anymore.


Chapter 2 The Conversation En Route


The B-52 slowly climbed to altitude with a heavy fuel load.  Their first rendezvous was with the KC-10 about one hour out where they would top off all the tanks while on the way toward the Arabian peninsula. As they slowly climbed to the initial altitude of 26,000, the cell formed up, the formation consisted of 3 aircraft.  Pickens was in the lead, having the most experience from the Iraq war, he was chosen to lead the three aircraft bomber cell to bomb Israel.

The B52s maintained radio silence enroute, which was standard procedure.  The crew was especially silent on this mission, there was little chat over the interphone because of the gravity of the situation, the pilot and copilot ran the checklist in soft voices, the radar only interrupted once to ask the navigator where was the coffee.  Air refueling was done in silence and went off without a hitch, the crew was well trained.


It was still dark and the pilots could just start to see the sun coming up over the horizon.  The Co, being a Second Lieutenant and lacking experience blurted – “Why are we bombing Israel?”  There was dead silence, he had asked the quintessential question that everyone in the squadron was wondering.

Capt. Slim Pickens, sensing panic, instructs the crew why they have to bomb Israel.  Why had America turned against their supposed ally?  The crew, indoctrinated in Christianity, could not understand why America was now bombing the Holy Land.  The Captain held his mask close and raised his voice “Crew – Listen Up!”

Silence fell amongst the crew, they knew Pickens was going to make a serious speech, the engines droned on in the background, the co-pilot was scribbling a message on a piece of paper and looking bewildered.  Then the pilot said calmly, as if he had thought about this a long time, “Crew, we are in an epic struggle between good and evil”, he paused and continued in the same voice, “We almost lost our nation two weeks ago, we survived by a hair, this is a cleanup mission to take out the real enemy, the enemy that completely duped us after 911.”

“Yeah we know Israel did 911, but that was the Zionists in Israel, not the regular Jews,” the copilot said again.  Pickens went on, “There is little  difference between Judaism and Zionism.  The Torah is a Jewish supremacist propaganda document, there was never a god telling anyone to destroy the other tribe.  Zionism was formed directly out of Jewish holy books, thus all believing Jews are part and parcel part of the Zionist state of Israel and the leaders admit this in public speeches.”


“We were fooled all along, we Americans had brought Christianity with us to the New World and that belief system allowed the Jews to work their way into every position of government unnoticed.  They gained so much control in the media that no one could speak openly without being denounced as an anti-Semite.  Those bright minds that were aware of the situation were viciously attacked by Abe Foxman of the ADL, a Mossad operation, a spy organization of Israel.”

“They owned us, they completely owned us and ran us into the ground, we lost all our manufacturing, they turned us from the most productive peoples into welfare recipients, marauding militarists, porn addicts (crew laughs) It was a hell of a ride and the entire nation became the property of Rothschild.  We were owned like cattle, all because of the greed of one banking family.”

the devil rothschild wants our very souls

“Until two weeks ago the Jews controlled the finance, Homeland Security, police, Hollywood, most major corporations, the Presidency, the Congress – especially the Congress.  Crew – the US military has been used like whores since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  We’ve been fighting the wrong enemy all along, and we had to pay the price for our foolishness.  They needed us, we didn’t need them.”

“Everything that we stood for, as Americans everything we stood for was corrupted, overturned, bloodified, desanctified by this Jewish control.  We were used like toilet paper then thrown away, and we saw it happening and couldn’t stop it because of the myth we we taught, we were taught to obey authority even when that authority became evil.  America was used by the central bankers then tossed aside.  The whole nation paid the price because everyone just kept going along with the system.”

Pickens took a deep breath and went on, the orange sky was turning blue as the sun came up, the B-52s flawlessly droned on.  Boeing had built one excellent aircraft, over 50 years old they were still the backbone of the USAF bomber aircraft.

route diego garcia to bomb israel chart

“The military kept following orders of this criminal political class of Rothschild puppets until the nation was completely bankrupt and in endless unwinnable wars in a vain desperate attempt to prop up the exponential debt.  But now we have new orders coming from a good man, not a Zio puppet of Israel.  We have to do what you do to any supremacist who runs roughshod over you, we have to humiliate Israel.  We have to show Israel that we are done with their parasitic existence on us, we have to make an example of state of Israel.  Never again shall we tolerate outside control.”

“We’ve been assigned to take out a major Illuminati sinister site, a place of demon worship and occult symbolism.  Rothschild is an evil bastard, unfortunately Russia got her licks in first and the Waddeson Manor is gone, now just a smokin’ hole, a special hell where children were ritually abused.  Good riddance, the world never needed that family, they were worse than useless, these trillonaires were the central characters in the decline of the specie.”

“We never needed those pricks, we never needed a Rothschild central bank, we the people of the United States were perfectly content and prosperous before the Federal Reserve System was set up to exploit America.  What you all need to know is that Israel was the pet state of Rothschild, it was where this Rothschild family worth 500 trillion could fuck with other people because they had their own state to play with – as if humans were like a toys.”

israel_rothschild_supreme_court GROUND ZERO

“Our target is the Israeli Supreme Court, the center of Rothschild Occultic Evil, a sinister building where they would rule under the iron fist of Talmudic rule.  This network of Rothschild Zionist control is being scrubbed from the planet, our mission is part of a worldwide effort to remove this evil.  We must reassert our humanity and recover our integrity as a specie.”

“So crew this is our first moral mission in our careers.  This is the most important mission of our lives, we will and we must take out all Rothschild assets.  Humanity can no longer tolerate this incredible evil of concentrated capital in the hands of a few banking families.  This is a war between good and evil, and I am proud of this crew for volunteering for this mission.  We are making history boys!”

“Thank you, Mr. President!”  The gunner breaks the tension with his smart comment, the crew laughs.


Chapter 3 The Bomb Run



Captain Pickens turned to the new heading and engaged the autopilot, they were now cruising at 32,000 feet on a deadhead cruise toward Israel.  The aging B-52 they were flying was often referred to as the BUFF which means ‘big ugly flying fellow’ or ‘big ugly flying fucker’ if you are half drunk at the bar.  They were on a post WW3 cleanup mission, they were assigned to take out sinister sites in Israel.

He continued his narration, “This struggle between good and evil is always with us, it never really goes away and can’t go away because humans have to work for their sustenance and corruption follows those seeking an easy buck.  Every so often in history, that which is consider good gets overtaken by what we consider to be evil.  That’s when drastic action on part of the good must be taken to overcome evil, for if evil flourishes to long then life would cease to exist.”


The Copilot asks, “So we are acting for the good, right?”  Pickens replies, “Yes, but how do we know we are in the right?” he pauses then asks, “Can anyone guess how to determine if our act, if this mission is for the good, is morally correct or not?  Will our act, the use of military force, end the reign of evil?”  The gunner, who has been quietly sleeping from his previous night drinking binge yawns and says “Hell yeah, we’re bombing Rothschild’s fricking temple of doom.”

“Very good Guns … we are ending the reign of Rothschild’s evil, we are ending the ability of Rothschild family and their minions to project his influence in the world via Israel, and insuring that the American people and the people of the world never fall under Zionist control again.  What we are doing is of epic importance for the survival of the human specie, we are ending the reign of evil and allowing humans to be humane again.”

israeli missile launched against b-52

All of a sudden the Electronic Warfare Officer yells over the intercom, “Pilot we are being painted by a SAM! … oh shit, this is not good!”  The EWO’s CRT screen blinks warning messages and then he screams into the mic “MISSILE HOT, MISSILE LAUNCH – get us the hell out of here pilot!”  “Roger, dodger” the Captain says calmly.  Pickens breaks radio silence within the three B-52 cell and tells the other two bombers to scram then takes aggressive evasive maneuvers.  He yanks the throttles to idle and raises the flaps and drops the gear, taking the buff into a death spiral of 20,000 VVI fps dive and turning hard left.

The BUFF shudders from the turbulence, g-forces crinkling the old aluminum skin on the aging craft, the crew tightens up their parachute ejection seat straps and braces for the inbound missile.  As the pilot wrestles with the yoke, standing the aircraft on its left wing tip and pulling the nose in a tight circle, he yells into the mic, “Where the hell did that come from?”  The EWO responds, “It was from a Israeli frigate in the Red Sea.”

The Navigator calls out the elevations:  “26,000, 22,000, 18,000, 15,000, 12,000, 10,000, 8,000…”  Then the EWO chimes in, “All clear, pilot – missile gone.”  The pilot immediately rolls the aircraft back to level flight pulling the nose back up the horizon.  “Co – raise the gear!”  He pulls the spoiler lever to zero and the loud sound of air rushing air ceases as the aircraft drag is cleaned up.  He eases the throttles to half and checks the gear lights all going out.  “Whew” says Slim, “There are still hostile Joos down there!”

Captain Pickens edged the nose northwest bound in the general direction, getting back on track, “Nav give me a heading!”   “Ok pilot, turn right to heading 030.”   They were now approaching land, looking at an endless sea of light brown desert.  “Where the hell are we, Nav?”  Pickens queries the Navigator.  “We are approaching the south coast of Saudi Arabia.”  “Then give me a heading toward Mecca.”  A few seconds later the Nav says:  “Ok, turn right to heading to 310.”

b-52 inflight low level

“How’s the fuel Co?” Pickens asks this routine question now that they are on Plan B.

“Real good, we still have 220 thousand pounds,” replies the Copilot.

Pickens belly laughs  “Hell, that’s more fuel than I’ll burn in my truck for the rest of my life.”  That calmed the nervous crew, Pickens was an ace flyer and a skilled psychologist, he knew exactly what to say at the right time.

They inched back up to 22,000 feet to save on gas and see the sights, now that they were over the Saudi coast range they felt safe.  The Copilot was looking out the right window, scanning for bogies, and lets out an exhalation and says “Man, I’m glad I don’t live here!”  as he stares into the barren mountainous wasteland.

“You got that right Co, you are looking at and the land of Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves who have the world’s biggest supply of black gold.”

Pickens had been doing some mental math and asked the Radar, “Hey Radar, remember that alt target in the Negev desert we discussed yesterday?”

“You mean the nuclear site?”

“Yeah that one,…, Nav give me a heading straight to the Jordan southern border 100 miles east of the Gulf of Aqaba.”

The Navigator quickly plotted a new route, “Ok, pilot turn right to heading 335.”

The crew was now humming along the mountainous region of western Saudi Arabia, heading northwest toward the infamous Israel Dimona nuclear power plant and arsenal.  It was bright and sunny and they didn’t expect any threats, they were over their trusted Middle East ally, the land of a never ending supply of oil.

israel secret nuclear weapons program

Our crew had an hour of time to kill before crossing the Jordan border, Pickens decides to pick up the discussion between good and evil again.  Pickens asks the Copilot, “Hey do you know the story about Dimona?”

The copilot glances left and looks puzzled, “Am I supposed to know?”

“Do you know why Command wants this facility taken out?” The Copilot shrugs his shoulders. “Because they have a secret weapons lab underneath.”

“Whatttt, what are you talking about, them Israelis have nukes?  I never heard that.” exclaims the Copilot.

“Well I’ve been do a lot of reading on the internet.”   The pilot explains to the crew the story of Dimona, “Well, there was this Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu who told the world what they were really doing down below in secret.  Building bombs, secret nuclear bombs while telling the world they were nuclear free.”


The Copilot was confused, “I thought Israel was worried about Iran getting the bomb.”

Pickens then went on, “That was the old Zionist trick of accusing the targeted nation of what you yourself were doing.  And the Zionists wasted no time blackmailing the world with their bombs, arm twisting governments into compliance with the New World Order which was really the Jewish World Order being run out of Rothschild’s pet state Israel.”

The navigator keys the mic and tells the crew, “We are crossing into Jordan now.”  They were now headed almost due north and descending into the low level bomb run.  The plan was to sneak up on Dimona from the south, come in along the west side of Mamshit National Park mountains and lay a B61 nuke down on the facility.  They had two B61’s hanging in the bomb bay that were outfitted with parachutes just in case they had to do a low level bomb run.

Captain Pickens went on with his knowledge of Israel’s secret nuclear bomb program, “The Israeli Jews were blackmailing our government with their nukes, America had to fork over billions of dollars of military and economic aid to Israel, and fight the wars for Israel, and not let on who did 911, and go into debt by the trillions, fighting the wars for the Jews.  It was a sweet deal for them and it was the final nail in America’s coffin.”

The B-52 was now trimming the mountain ridges as they sped along traveling northbound in the deserted southern tip of Israel.  They entered the preplanned bomb run, the Copilot started calling out the headings.  “Two minutes to drop Pilot”, said the Radar Navigator who was busy aligning the crosshairs of his radar scope on the predesignated geographical offsets for the bombing computer’s triangulation.

The Copilot was peering out his front window, the rest of windows were covered with reflective shades, both the pilots were wearing star wars helmet visors that would darken when the bomb went off.  Captain Pickens activated his bomb bay switch and tells the Radar, “Ok – are we ready?”  The Radar was rolling the mouse to align the craft, and took control of the final headings, “Pilot hold the wings steady”, the BUFF was now at bomb drop altitude of 2000 feet AGL and lining up on the final leg of the bomb run.

As the bomb bay doors opened, a loud rush of air filled the cockpit, the Nav started the countdown “10, 9, 8, … 6,5, …3,2,1, BOMBS AWAY!”  The Pilot could see a shepherd with two dozen goats right in the middle of the bomb rectangle.  “Holy shit”, he thought, that poor guy is going to have a bad day.  They had been briefed that the town of Dimona had been evacuated, so he was surprised to see anyone down there, but he didn’t voice his observation because it would have demoralized the crew.

As the B-52 sped away, the B61 bomb softly parachuted onto the desert floor just to the south of the Dimona nuclear complex, right square in the bombing target rectangle.  The Arabic sheep herder saw the whole thing and was yelling in Arabic, the one true god Allah and his prophet Mohammed.  The bomb was set with a two minute fuse after touching down, it just laid their like a dud allowing our crew to speed away at maximum speed.

The pilot was wondering what the expression on that man’s face was, seeing a giant bomber drop a silvery bomb with parachute.  He was sure that man would know it wasn’t going to be good for him.  “I’m glad I’m not that poor focker” he said outloud as he popped his oxygen mask loose.  The Co-pilot looked over, “You talkin’ to me?”  The pilot smirked, “Nah, tell ya later what I saw.”

When the bomb detonated, everything within a half mile and five hundred feet deep was instantly vaporized, the entire Dimona complex was unearthed, sending millions of tons of superheated dirt, concrete, steel up in a big rolling blackened fireball toward the heavens.  Any goat or living thing within a two mile range was instantly kill and lit on fire.  Nukes are bad ass, you never want to be near one when they go off.


Our hero flyboys now felt safe, the nuclear detonation sent out an intense flash of light, any nearby fighter jets that might be tracking them would have been instantly blinded and sent careening into the dirt.  They continued on toward Tel Aviv, they had successfully completed one part of their mission, to take out the sinister site of the Israel nuclear weapons program.

Bomb Rub Israel a book by Yukon Jack.

Chapter 4 Going For The Gold Dome



Captain Pickens was quit pleased that their mission, even though originally disrupted by an Israeli frigate missile attack – it was now positively successful.  They had taken out Dimona, he and his crew had made history, there was no going back on the timeline, the world was now forever changed, the Israel nuclear weapons program that had been black mailing the world had been neutralized forever.

But a more daunting task lay ahead, the crew was tasked with multiple targets, and their second target was right in the center of the old city of Jerusalem, the infamous Temple Mount, where the most famous Muslim temple stood, the Dome of the Rock!  Would he be able to get in there, past any defenses, and lay down a B61 without it being destroyed by Jewish, Christian, or Muslim snipers eager to preserve their holiest city?

bomb run israel book - temple mount ground zero

If they got shot down, they would be facing the wrath of the believers of all stripes, would the world ever forgive them for what they were about to do?  He knew it had to be done, the Abrahamic religions had brought the world the brink of destruction – monotheism, the belief in one true god – was the mythological force driving the world to ruin.

The world had just suffered nuclear war and 3 billion people had perished, Zionism was the main culprit, especially the Christian Zionists who were fervently supporting the genocidal and racist state of Israel, which had herded the Palestinians into the biggest open air prison and was repeatedly bombing them with American made aircraft and bombs.  Israel was the big trouble maker in the Middle East, even though the Jewish owned media presented the opposite viewpoint.

What the command staff wanted was simple, the end to Biblical prophecy fulfillment that was driving the world over the cliff.  If the Temple Mount was completely destroyed, glassed over and made radioactive forever, then the faiths of the world’s three primary religions would fade away.  This contentious site, needed to be evaporated so that no faith could claim it, no Jew or Muslim could build temples on it, and no one could worship there every again.  Command wanted that site made gone forever and Pickens had volunteered for this job wholeheartedly.


The National Security Apparatus, set up after WW2, had been busy perfecting Tesla technology, working on time travel machines, anti-gravity machines.  The USAF even had a fleet of TR3B’s that freely operated from the lower atmosphere and into the solar system, while the world was still stuck in the Dark Ages of religion and still worshipping an angry sky god.  The military leadership was going to shove the world into the new age, ready or not.

What Pickens couldn’t understand is that when Russia secretly attacked America on 12 March 2015, why Diego Garcia was spared.  All the NORAD sites had been hit on the first strike, the missiles in North Dakota were gone, the nuclear Navy subs were being held back, he didn’t know why.  The problem with hierarchical systems is that you never knew the real game even on the next level up.

Pickens knew that as you moved up the food chain, that the decision making was more and more political until you reached the level of General, where the military interfaced with the insane politicians.  America and the entire Rothschild empire was run by psychopaths who curried favor with the defense establishment and the Wall Street money men.  The US military was whipped like a dog and had to carry out every extreme move even if it cost the nation.  Many of the best officers left, leaving the military to the flunkies.  The days of Curtis LeMay were long gone.

Pickens had always wondered why anyone in Iowa needed Wall Street asset strippers.  We the people could collocate our capital, we had the internet and we could have capitalism without the money junkies in New York City.  The situation had gone crazy at the end of the game, America was put into no win wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the wars went on and on without end because the purpose of the war was not only to destroy enemies of Israel, but also to line the pockets defense contractors.

He was suspect that backroom deals were made between Russia and the USA before the initial strike, that his mission wasn’t a product of happenstance, that Russia spared Diego because the Command needed B-52’s to take out the sinister sites, then they could remain aloof and blame it on a lone nut, not take the blame for taking out the world’s holiest city.  He could see why Russia wouldn’t nuke Jerusalem, they didn’t want the blame.  Everyone knew he was an outspoken atheist, Pickens was worried he was being made a patsy in a larger play, Command could hang his radical actions on lone nut.

The system begged you to move up the chain of command, because at each level you would know more about the real game, who was screwing who.  Captain Pickens had been held back due to his own drinking habits, all he could do is try to conceptualize the real game going down and play it to his advantage.  He was well read and familiar enough with the system not to trust it.  He knew in his heart of hearts that his whole life had led up to this moment, and he had to survive the politics of the Command Staff.

Captain Pickens had nearly 8,000 hours flying for the USAF, he had been passed over because of his downgraded ratings on his Officer Evaluation Reports, he was considered an alcoholic and a loose cannon.  But he was a team player and and excellent pilot.  Do to the Gulf Wars, the military kept him on duty when he should of been retired a long time ago.  He knew he was on his last mission, he wanted to go down in history as the greatest pilot of all time, one who stood taller than General Paul Tibbets who piloted the B-29 Enola Gay and dropped the first atomic bomb in history.

herods temple will never be built

So what was the real game of Command Staff he wondered as they made their way toward Jerusalem? They had been forced low level and burned extra fuel, they weren’t going to make it back to Diego Garcia directly but would have to land at one of the many alternative sites in that region unless they could call up a flying gas station, a KC-135 or KC-10 that could refuel their bomber. The US military empire had hundred of bases in and around the oil fields, they dominated the region, they needed to land, refuel and get off the African continent as fast as possible.

Pickens was all of a sudden tired and got the coffee thermos out, it was time to take out the next target and worry later, he had a mission to complete.  “Hey Nav, how long to the Gold Dome?”

“Twenty three minutes Pilot”

“Co, how’s the fuel?”  Pickens could see the fuel gauges and added up in his head 130,000 pounds but wanted to see if the Copilot was on top of his game.

“126K Pilot.”

“Close enough.”  The Co looked at him again, with a confused expression, he often wondered where the hell Pickens was coming from half of the time, and right now he was sober.

dead-sea-southern-end BOMB RUN ISRAEL

The pilots started the low level descent check list, they were going for another low level strike, they had one more low level nuke outfitted with a parachute.  The plan was simple they were going to use mountainous cover and come in from the southwest, fly right up the middle of the Dead Sea and hook a left and pop over the mountains before Jerusalem.  By the time anyone saw them coming or could do anything about it they would be dropping the bomb on their precious holy city.

Captain Pickens had been outspoken about his political views for his entire career, he had offended so many believers, who were in the vast majority in the Air Force, he just couldn’t understand how anyone could believe any of that Bible stuff.  He spent much of his spare time reading, including comparative mythology.  He was now descending into the rolling hills desert area south of the Dead Sea, he could start making it out under the scattered clouds.  He knew all about this area, for this was the place of the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls.


He was keen on this place and was seeing it for the first time.  After the Romans had reconquered Judea in 68 A.D., many scrolls had been hidden in clay pots along the western coast of this very place, because of the low humidity they had survived in a very tattered condition until rediscovered in 1946.  The elites tried to hide the information, but it was all released over the internet.

Here he was, making history and flying right up the camel’s ass where all this Christ insanity started.  He knew Christianity far better than his Christian friends, he was amazed how they knew basically nothing about the origin of their faith.  Christianity was written by Rome as propaganda, they were trying to pacify the militant Jewish Zealots would kept rebelling.  Pickens own opinion was that Christ never even existed, that Josephus was the original author of the Gospels and the entire New Testament was pure state propaganda.

So he was so very happy that at this moment in time he had been chosen to be the very person to drop the bomb on these believing mother fuckers who had spent the last two thousands years enslaving and killing humanity to their will.  He was making history and was damn proud to be the one, he wondered how Titus felt when rolled in his army two millenia earlier.  “Holy land my ass!” he said outloud.  Once again the copilot looked over worriedly.  The pilot smiled and laughed again, the co had no idea what was really going down.

How many people had been slaughtered in the holy land?  Now the killing was going exponential as Muslim hardliners had taken control of ISIS after the nuking of the western nations.  ISIS had been funded and supplied by the CIA.  Israel had created ISIS to wreck havoc on the Muslims and create their new “greater Israel” but now the table had been turned, the ISIS Frankenstein monster was now a big well oiled organization going after Israel.  For a second, Pickens thought karma must be legit.

So many innocent people had been bloodied for so long someone needed to put and end to it and he was sure glad that General Keck was now President.  Finally the military was in control of the insane nation called Amerika.  Keck immediately put an end to the terror apparatus, and reinstated the gold standard.  Finally America was back on track toward sanity, and most of the creepy politicians seen on Fox News had been vaporized.  In fact the entire Fox News building was gone and most of New York City lay in ruins.

Captain Pickens was not surprised by any of the shit that went down in the last two weeks, the nation was in state of insanity leading up to her end, how else could it have ended except with a bang when the last administration, whores of Rothschild, were over in Ukraine starting up another world war with Russia?  The world was now minus 3 billion people and there was still a cleanup job to be done.

As the bomber flew along just 800 feet above the Dead Sea, the crew was silent.  The pilot and copilot scanned for fighters or missiles, bogies as they called them, and there was nothing, just the calm bluish grey Dead Sea surrounded by light brown to whitish cliffs where not much was growing.  This sure wasn’t Nebraska where you could grow endless rows of corn and soybeans, how in the hell did anyone live here – what did they eat?

This was hell, it was below sea level so it must be hell.  America was paradise and Israel was hell as far as Captain Pickens was concerned, and now it was time to give the Jews back the hell bomb that all those Jewish scientists had created during World War 2.  He was going to bomb hell with the hell bomb, that made Pickens roariously laugh.  Once again the copilot was puzzled by Pickens laugh, why wasn’t the aircraft commander taking this shit serious, he was practically shitting his pants while the guy in the left seat reminiscing as if they were on a holiday cruise.

Pickens was sipping coffee from a paper cup, the autopilot was holding altitude, the throttle brake was on so that they wouldn’t slip from the engine vibration, and he was flying with his left knee, completely unconcerned, looking out the left window at the cliffs.  “Hey co, do you see those white cliffs up ahead at 340?”

“Yeah, see um.” the copilot grimly responds.

“Just a few decades ago they found the Dead Sea Scrolls in holes in those cliffs.”

There was a pause then the copilot said:  “You sure know alot.”

Pickens then asked “Hey guns, you awake?”

“Yep,” he replied in an alert voice.

“Good we’re going in boys, this is the big moment you’ve been waiting for, we is going to the holy land of holy sanctified ones where all this shit started a long time ago.”

The gunner then replied, “Give ’em hell cowboy, yeah hah!”  The entire crew laughed.

“Alrighty then, lets do this” and then Pickens started turning left to the new heading inbound direct to Jerusalem.  He ran the throttles up and pulled the nose up in one smooth gesture as they ascended the mountain range just south of Qumran cliffs.  Their bomb destination, the Temple Mount, was now just walking distance away and they would be there in a few minutes.

bomber pinup girl

Chapter 5 The Garden of Gethsemane



Pickens turned the bomber southwest as soon as the B61 cleared the bomb bay.  He shoved the throttles up to Military, which is full thrust unless your aircraft has afterburners.  The goal was to get as far away from the bomb as it parachuted down, they had been aiming for the stoned plaza of the Dome of the Rock.  During mission planning the Navigator had drawn a target rectangle that matched the Temple Mount plateau, the crew had joked that all the Muslims of the Muslim quarter would be inside the target box praying when they showed up with da bomb.

bomb run israel b-52 yukon jack

Capt Pickens was proud of his crew, they were the bombing champs of the squadron, and boy that Radar Navigator was good, he was Jewish, no wonder they won all the bomb competitions.  Regardless of what anyone wants to say about most Jews, they are mighty competent at whatever they do.  Pickens was picked on by the staff, he was an avowed atheist, so the stuck his crew with a Jewish Radar and a black Muslim gunner, who was the only black and only Muslim in the flying squadron.

Pickens was running the motley crew, and everyone joked about it – often referred to as the ‘motley fool’ by the other aircraft commanders.  He didn’t care, they won the bombing competitions nearly every time and he was the pride of the bombing squadron, his hands were so steady during air refueling the instructors who were giving the annual check rides would throw the clip board away.

He was good as far as pilots go, but he was cracking a beer five minutes after landing and wore his uniform in a disheveled fashion, his hair was barely combed.  He was the quintessential bachelor and almost never washed his clothes, let alone press his uniform, while the rest of the pilots had nice picket fence Caucasian brides who made their husbands look perfect before they went out the door in the morning.  The squadron was picture perfect White Anglo Saxon Protestant heaven, except for his bastard crew.

When the bomb floated down, would any fool still in that area there even know what it was?  They were told the city was evacuated because ISIS had changed hands and was now being run by real Muslims – real angry Muslims who were liberating Palestine.  Would the devout think it was a package sent by God Almighty?   Hopefully, Pickens thought, then he laughed, hopefully those Muslims will all stand around that 700 pound silver thermonuclear bomb as it ticked away to detonation and pray to it like an aborigine cargo cult.

bomb run israel b61s ready for loading

The bomb had actually missed – it was way short and landed by some miracle of faith right in the Garden of Gethsemane!  By some electronic quirk, or karmic fate, or the hand of god, the hell bomb landed right where Jesus supposedly stood two thousand years earlier, but no one in high command knew until an overflight by an SR-71 took pictures of the blast site.

Garden-of-Gethsemane-bomb run israel by yukon jack

The crew didn’t know, that at the time they overflew the Grand Mosque, that things had changed in the holy city by quite a lot in the previous two weeks.  Luckily for the bomb, it didn’t land on the Temple Mount because the Muslims had taken up defense with heavy machine guns on the roof of the temple. They had a secret storage in the caverns below and when the West was nuked.  First they jumped around like a gang of Mexicans getting out of lockup then took up guard on the roof – they would of shot the bomb to pieces if it landed on the temple square.

Legend has it the bomb was 777 feet short of the target, but still close enough to topple the Dome.  With nukes, near misses still count, and the bomb was set on maximum yield.  The particular bomb they dropped was a B61 Mod 7, a variable yield upgraded thermonuclear device produced by the Los Alamos lab, it was set on maximum, yield an equivalent of 340 kilotons of TNT, the explosion was twenty times more explosive power than the 20 KT Little Boy dropped on Hiroshima.  When it went off it was a real big blast, leaving a huge crater, the rim was nearly a half kilometer wide.  With nukes, near misses nearly always count.

After their bomb drop, Jerusalem would no longer be inhabited, the crew was supposed to have done an air drop on the Dome with a 1.5 KT yield, take out the Dome and not the city.  Our crew destroyed Jerusalem entirely.  So you could say Jesus weeped again.  The believers never forgave Captain Slim Pickens, he had destroyed the holiest city of the Jews and Christians and blasted the most sacred temple of the Mohammed faith – ‘blasted it to smithereens’ he would say later.  But the fact remains, his historic flight did accomplished exactly what command wanted, an end to the ridiculous faiths that had hijacked the modern nation states.

As the crew sped away, nobody was shooting at them either.  Apparently the remaining residents of Jerusalem still thought that an American B-52 was on their side.  In war, confusion reigns supreme, who is working for who, who is the real enemy?  The B-52 flew nearly directly over Dome at 2000 feet AGL, the wind was blowing south so the aircraft was north slightly to compensate.  The Hezbollah gunners on the roof couldn’t get their heavy guns trained on an overhead craft, so they shot at the BUFF with light firearms and missed.

The bomber had only been in range of their weapons for a few seconds.  Every combat pilot knows instinctually that when over the target zone you go as fast as you can to minimize the Delta Tee, you want to minimize your time over target.  As they sped away the navigator counted down to detonation “…3,2,1, now, shock wave in 20 secs pilot.” .  It took nearly two and a half minutes for the bomb blast to reach our sweating crew and the suspense was dreadful, did the bomb go off and if it did were they far enough away to survive the intense heat and light?

The B-52 was hurtling as fast as it could low level, about 440 knots (0.77 Mach), and the shock wave moving at the speed of sound (655 knots/750 mph/ Mach 1.0) would overtake them but they would be 20 miles away by that time, well clear of the blast radius.  The bomb detonated right on time, 120 seconds after touching down, the parachute cord was all tangled in the Olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane, right were Jesus never actually stood.

Old City Jerusalem

Fate happened on that day of 29 March, 2015.  To this day no one can figure out why the bomb landed there, security cameras had captured images of the bomb landing in the holiest olive grove on the planet, some said it looked like an angel from heaven had floated down when the parachute gently covered the bomb and a sacred Olive tree.  Those images were captured on the internet and downloaded all around the world before the bomb vaporized the cameras and everything else in a 10 kilometer range.  The conspiracy websites like God Like Productions were immediately abuzz about a real miracle, it was the top post for over a week, two weeks before the Command staff got spy plane imagery.

Christian believers said Jesus’s very hand guided the bomb, Muslims said Allah’s hand tried to stop the bomb but their faith and prayers were lacking.  The Jews said some putz wrecked their long held plan of world domination. Strategic Command knew exactly what happened after they got the navigation and bomb recorders analyzed.  The crew later said they were overly ‘analized’ by Command staff.  They had successfully taken out the assigned target, so screw the details on how they actually pulled it off.

The staff had discovered their own error while planning the mission, the crew had entered correctly the wrong initial settings into the bomb computer.  Strategic High Command, political as always, covered up the event denying that Slim Pickens ever worked for them, in a press release they said that he was a Hollywood actor, not a bombardier.   Senator John McCain said Russia did it, and in a televised conference, he grimaced and said if he was President then he would of bombed Russia on the first day in office because they were all commie atheists.

Years later Pickens would tell his friends in a San Antonio bar what he thought happened, his focused thought intention had manifested, he had been very focused on ending all religions.  He said that their was much thought energy around the Garden and Jerusalem – and since that thought energy around the garden was weeping energy, the bomb was pulled there by the mass intentions of millions of believers in this conscious holographic universe.  No one at the bar knew what the hell he was talking about, they thought of him as a good drinking buddy but bordering on as a New Age quack.  Everyone in Texas knows Jesus is real and that we won the war because God was on the side of America.